Herbal Medicine: Managing PMS Naturally

Herbal Medicine: Managing PMS Naturally

Thursday 18th May 10am – 1pm at Chyan Community Field

£15 per person – £10 concessions

Just because you’re a woman, you don’t have to put up with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) including symptoms such as anger and irritability, low mood, weight gain, fatigue, abdominal cramping and tender breasts.

Deanne Greenwood, a Medical Herbalist with many years’ experience of women’s hormonal problems, is giving a talk about how to manage PMS using simple and natural techniques that really do work. This includes advice about diet, using relaxing and therapeutic techniques such as aromatherapy and creative visualisation, plus, of course, herbal medicine.

There will be the opportunity to share and discuss personal experiences in an informal setting – or you can just sit and listen. Includes a chance to try some of Deanne’s herbal teas.

To book a place or ask a question please contact Lou on chyanmail@gmail.com  or 07792059854. You can also contact Deanne at deannegreenwood@me.com

Deanne Greenwood BCs (hons), MCPP has many years’ experience as a medical herbalist and lives and works in Cornwall http://www.deannegreenwood.com/  http://naturalhelpformenopause.uk/


This course is funded by Postcode Local Trust as part of the ‘Chyan Forest Garden’ project.