Chyan Apple Tree Sangha

We meet monthly on a Friday evening or Sunday morning in Chyan Apple Barn. 

Please see our events calendar under “What’s On” for dates.

We generally begin with a period of sitting meditation, sometimes silent and sometimes guided.  If you use a meditation cushion or stool, please bring this with you.  You may also want to bring a yoga mat, shawl or blanket.

Sitting practice is followed by a period of silent walking meditation or movement practice. This is either inside or outside depending on the weather.

Another shorter period of silent sitting follows. We will then share a reading or an audio recording of dharma teaching or explore an exercise ourselves, and read the five mindfulness trainings aloud, together.

We end with a period of ‘Dharma sharing’ where we share from the heart, and practise deep listening.

Sangha is rooted in the teachings of the Buddha and we welcome people from any, or no, faith background. Whatever our beliefs we come together in the spirit of compassion and a desire to live fully and completely in every moment of our lives.

Chyan Apple Tree Sangha has grown from 4 main roots:
1. Plum Village
2. Gaia House
3. Tarchin Hearn
4.The Crystal Group

We would love you to join us in our meditation practice.

Contact: Stephanie –  / 07815 801234