Circo Fit

An exciting fitness and well being course outdoors at distance at Chyan.

We have a distanced training session on Sunday from 11.00 – 1.00pm for 10 slots – costing £10 each slot or participant bubble ( up to 5 participants per slot) – suggested family or friends bubbles plus one.

Can be a family with another family for example or a family plus a friend. You can share a training bubble with a friend.

The course involves instructions and 10 stations.

Activities rotate every 10 minutes so that participant bubbles are separated by time and space.

Participant bubbles are all given a starting station.The course is signposted and their are refreshments available at the fire.

All equipment is sanitised and there are professional tutors circulating at distance :

Pyramid Building
Tight wire walking
Stilt walking
Hula Hooping
Trapeze/ aerial hoop workout
Plate spinning
Forest school activity at the fire with refreshments and snacks

CIRCO FIT must be pre-booked and Covid forms must be completed for each session by participants

BOOK at or email