Want to cut down on food miles?

Want to buy organic?

Want to reduce your carbon footprint?




Carbon Neutral, Organic Juice

Our juice is 100% organic pressed from apples grown in our orchard, processed by hand with absolute minimal carbon footprint. We do not use chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Our trees are all fertilised using organic, natural materials.

Apples are gathered by hand and pressed using a hand press. We use electricity to pasteurise our juice – this electricity is provided by our on site wind turbines. We recycle our bottles and we also recycle all of the waste from the juicing process as compost.

Caring for our Earth

Our orchards preserve over 30 varieties of Cornish and English apple and are a haven for birds and other wildlife. We are passionate about earth care and we produce all of our juice with a commitment to biodiversity and sustainability.

Special Delivery

We can deliver boxes of apple juice to your door FOR FREE, within 2 working days of ordering with us.

Each box contains eighteen 330ml bottles of juice with screw caps.

Boxes cost £25

If you would like to set up a monthly order, we have a special discount rate of £20 per box.

Choose your Juice

Choose from:

Chyan Organic Apple Juice

Chyan Organic Apple & Blackberry Juice

Mixed Boxes Available.


Order Here

Please call 07949451004 or email to order.

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