21st December 2017


We are celebrating the solstice at Chyan on 21st December

  • 8pm FIRE SHOW
  • Vagabond Circus
  • disco
  • flamenco
  • bands
  • open mic
  • vegan food
  • bar


The solstices represent the two pivotal turning points of the year. This is easy to understand when we use the cycle of the breath as an example: the winter solstice can be likened to the end of the year’s exhale. After the winter solstice, the earth begins to inhale, continuing to do so until she reaches the summer solstice, after which time, the exhale begins again. All of our cycles: the seasons, the moon, a woman’s body, our life cycle, the tide, the breath, they all follow this same pattern of growth followed by retreat. Part of the problem with modern society and its rampant capitalism is that it does not follow this pattern. There is only room for growth in the model of capitalism, but without these times of rest and retreat, the system becomes cancerous and destructive and out of control.

This is why the solstices are so important and were celebrated as such by our ancestors. Although we will remain in the darkest months for some time after the solstice, this point marks the return of growth, of light, the turning of the year.



3rd March 2017 – Weaving and Dreaming Workshop

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